In Home Speech & Language Therapy


Providing speech/ language services to children in their natural environments.



Speech Remedies

Speech/ Language Therapy

Speech Remedies' goal is to provide the best pediatric speech and language services within the child's natural environment. We aim to identify areas of need and teach developmentally appropriate skills on an individual level. In addition, we encourage families and teachers to actively participate in their child's growth through education and home/ daycare activities. Currently, we are servicing children in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. 



Therapy Sessions



Initial consultations are complimentary. Information will be gathered via phone conversation to determine your child's developmental background, interests, individual needs, and to target areas of concern. During this initial consultation we will also discuss therapy options and you will be provided educational information. 


Speech, language, fluency, and social skills therapy will be provided based on your child's individual needs and family routines.



Make Your Own Butter In a Jar- courtesy of Little Bins for Little Hands
Butter in a Jar: Simple Dr Seuss Science for Kids - Little Bins for Little Hands 

You Need:

Heavy Whipping Cream

Mason Jar with Lid

Book: The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss


STEP 1:  Fill your mason jar about 1/2 way with heavy whipping cream and put the cover on tightly!


STEP 2:  Shake it up! You will be shaking for at least 15 minutes! Feel free to stop and check at the 5-minute mark. You won’t see much of anything just yet, but it’s a great way for the kids to see what’s going on and give the arms a bit of a rest.


STEP 3:  Keep going and check in another 5 minutes or at the 10-minute mark. This check-in will be a little more exciting this time because you now have whipped cream.

Make sure to take a taste at this point if you want. Remind the kids that there is no sugar in this whipped cream so it won’t taste like what they think it might taste like! Put the cover back on and keep shaking!

Speech Language Focus:

* Reading
* Story Comprehension
* Sequencing
* Answering Questions
* Following Directions


* Basic Concepts
* Vocabulary 
* Predictions
* Asking Questions


Parents Testimonials

Bre M.

"It was wonderful to work with you. You are so amazing with children! I have learned so much, and am thankful for all the tools and knowledge you have given me."

Shannon B. 

"Thank you so much for all the time you have spent with Jake this past year- we have really seen him grow and mature, and he is proud of the progress he has made."

Rachel A.

"Thanks so much for all your work with Ben- his speech has dramatically improved. People who haven't seen him in a few months frequently comment on how improved his speech is."

Jenna W.

"Thank you for getting Elsa started on her speech journey- you've helped her come so far! You are amazing- so glad both my kiddos had the chance to work with you!"

Abby B. 

"Your gentleness and persistence in teaching Tanner are a gift and he, as well as our whole family, have benefited from it."